About Us

President and Owner, David Ramirez is a State Certified Electrical Contractor with decades of experience in the repair, maintenance and installment of electrical systems for major corporations in the retail, commercial and pharmaceutical industries. This expertise has allowed DRC Electrical Contractors to draw a team of very talented and mature electricians who have the same mindset of hard work and integrity in the specialty job they perform.

Michelle Ramirez, a seasoned Human Resources manager, leads our customer service program and ensures that our clients' experience with each person on our staff is extraordinary.

The longstanding relationships and positive reputation we have develop with our clients have provided us with a stellar record of returning customers who have come to appreciate that our staff will respond to their calls 24/7.

In addition, companies in other service industries related to the electrical field are eager to collaborate with DRC Electrical Contractors, because they respect the quality of our work and true spirit of partnership.

Quality • Integrity • Reliability